Matsubaya Ryokan

Matsubaya Inn

Matsubaya Ryokan first opened around 1884, when our predecessors welcomed a monk from the Higashi-Honganji temple.

Since then we have welcomed many guests, such as Buddhist priests, religious and political leaders, merchants, tourists and students on school trips.

Now, we welcome many tourists from foreign countries all over the world and Japanese citizens from our diverse prefectures.

We have recently completed a thorough renovation to provide our guests with the highest quality accommodations and a comfortable and unique experience.

When you stay at the Matsubaya Ryokan you will enjoy traditional Japanese culture by sleeping on a comfortable Futon (Japanese bed), in a Japanese Tatami-floor room.

We also provide Yukata (Japanese wear) for you to enhance your experience.

We hope you decide to stay with us. We look forward to seeing you.



A small bath for 1 or 2 persons.We have two types of bath salts so that you can relax and recover from fatigue.

  1. Rock salt bath

    Among the many rock salts, as natural black salts are used similar to sulfur springs, it makes you feel like you are in a hot spring. As it contains more minerals than other rock salts, it may have detoxifying effects of warming the body from the core and extracting accumulated waste products.

  2. Yuzu (Junos citron) scented bath

    We use a bath salt with a yuzu like scent. With various effects such as refreshing/relaxing, enhancing appetite, and improving concentration, it is also said to have medicinal benefits for poor circulation and skin. Recommended for those who may not enjoy the scent of sulfur.